An Open Letter to Seahawks Fans: Stop Complaining About Team's Success

The Seahawks are back in the playoffs and yet some fans are feeling less than enthused. What gives?
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Dear anhedonic Seahawks fans,

Cheer up. The Seahawks are headed back to the playoffs for the eighth time in Russell Wilson's nine seasons and the ninth time in Pete Carroll's 11 seasons. It's a stretch that is unparalleled for this franchise, or just about any franchise in the history of the modern NFL. The Seahawks have now won double-digit games in eight of the past nine seasons, missing a perfect nine-for-nine on a missed Blair Walsh field goal.

But to hear the caterwauling of some of the "12s", you'd have to assume that the ball club just missed the playoffs for the ninth year in a row. How can it be that a fan base is apathetic after clinching another postseason berth? Are we really here to complain about the manner in which your favorite NFL team won their 10 games this year? Sadly, this is what the fan base has devolved into. Winning simply isn't enough.

You've become so accustomed to making the playoffs that you have become bored by the very notion. Winning has become boring. How did you allow yourself to get here? But while Seahawks fans are moaning about their good football team not looking as good as they want, some of the newer Seahawks are not taking this accomplishment lightly. 

After spending three seasons in New York, Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams certainly is excited.

"Hell yeah! That’s a hell of a feeling... I’m sorry, I’m not used to this! Forgive me, I know you guys are used to Seattle going to the playoffs. I’m not used to this. I’m used to sending my [Christmas] cards home by this time and, you know, hey, I’m already packing up, learning where I’m going next, where’s the vacation, when am I seeing family. Sorry to cut you off, but I’m just excited man.”

Adams is an all-world player who cannot contain his excitement after clinching a playoff spot. And he isn't alone. Mid-season addition Carlos Dunlap was also excited to head back to the playoffs. 

"It's an unbelievable opportunity. Seahawks saved my season. I'd be preparing to go home for an offseason at this moment, but things turned out in my favor and you know the universe just wants me to win and we got an opportunity. That's all I want is opportunity."

These players understand the difficulty in making the playoffs once. You've enjoyed playoff football in eight of the past nine seasons. It's simply incredible. And yet, we complain about the fourth-quarter defense. Or we are upset about "not letting Russ cook" as the team continues to rack up victory after victory. 

There are plenty of reasons for critique. There are red flags that might prevent this team from reaching the Super Bowl. And highlighting those issues is the job of everybody connected to the organization, fans included. Being critical doesn't make you less of a fan. But refusing to acknowledge the sheer insanity of what the Seahawks have achieved is an absolutely miserable way to watch sports.

I don't like telling people "how to fan." We all see the game through different eyes, just like the art you'd see hanging in the gallery. And at the end of the day, that makes it beautiful. But I would simply give this warning: don't confuse consistency with boredom. The Seahawks are a good football team and have been for nearly a decade straight. And if you can't see the beauty in that, it might be time to go to a different gallery.