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Analysis: 5 Reasons Seahawks Should Run It Back in 2022

Finishing with double-digit losses for the first time since 2009, Seattle will need to make some significant moves to get back into contention this offseason. But two victories to close out the season illustrated several reasons why the team shouldn't blow everything up and maintain its foundational pieces for another year.

Only a few short weeks ago, after being eliminated from the playoffs with an embarrassing 25-24 loss to the Bears, major changes seemed inevitable for the Seahawks.

Dropping to a 5-10 record at the time, the chances of coach Pete Carroll, general manager John Schneider, and star quarterback Russell Wilson all returning for another season together seemed slim to none. Silent in the shadows to this point, to help usher in a rebuild, Jody Allen would surely make her first groundbreaking move as an owner either parting ways with Carroll and/or Schneider or making the once unthinkable move jettisoning an unhappy Wilson to greener pastures.

But after closing out the season with back-to-back victories, including an impressive 38-30 road win over the Cardinals on Sunday, a far more optimistic narrative has emerged in the Pacific Northwest. Carroll and Schneider both look to be safe after avoiding pink slips on "Black Monday," while the Seahawks don't seem interested in moving Wilson either. Instead, it appears Allen will opt to keep the band together for at least one more season believing this year was an aberration.

Is that the right call? Time will tell if Allen made the correct decision, but there are several reasons to believe running it back with Carroll, Schneider, and Wilson could work out favorably for the Seahawks to bounce back in 2022.

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