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Will Seahawks Receive Any Compensatory Picks Ahead of 2022 NFL Draft?

Following a busy free agency period last March, the Seahawks are unlikely to be compensated further draft capital.

The Seahawks will be without their first-round pick for the second draft in a row this year, but their overall capital heading into the late April event will look far more standard than last. After making just three selections a year ago, general manager John Schneider and crew are slated to make six picks this time around.

Those are currently scheduled as follows:

  • Second round: No. 41
  • Third round: No. 72
  • Fourth round: Nos. 100, 107
  • Fifth round: No. 138
  • Seventh round: No. 199

The second- and third-round picks are locked into the slots listed above, but the rest will eventually move down the board once the NFL announces which teams will receive compensatory picks later this spring. For those hoping Seattle will be among those awarded additional capital, prepare to be disappointed. 

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