Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Wins NFC Player of the Month, Makes MVP Statement

Nick Lee

Russell Wilson is making a statement in 2020. Whether it's the lack of crowd noise interfering with the offense's communication, or his motivation after never having received an MVP vote, or just plain getting better year after year, the Seahawks' signal caller looks to be on another level this season.

As the month of September came to a close, the Seahawks stand at 3-0 much in part due to their quarterback. Wilson is setting every defense ablaze and currently ranks fourth in the NFL in passing yards (925), second in completion percentage (76.7), and leads the NFL in passing touchdowns (14) and passer rating (139.0). 

All that has now been validated, as Wilson has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Month. Josh Allen of the Bills was named AFC Offensive Player of the Month. Allen, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes seem to be in the only competition for Wilson and the 2020 NFL MVP heading towards the quarter mark.

When asked about never getting an MVP vote in his career, Wilson said, "I don't want a vote, I want to win." He is not in the business of getting one measly MVP vote this season but seemingly won't be satisfied until he takes home the hardware, which he ultimately views as a team award.

Some think that the MVP doesn't matter, that individual awards pale in comparison to winning ball games. That may be true, but that doesn't mean these awards don't mean anything to fans or the player who wins it. Of course, the Seahawks have one MVP in their history, when Shaun Alexander rewrote the record books for a running back in 2005. No other Seahawks player has won the award in the team's 45 seasons. 

Winning MVP would validate Wilson as one of the absolute best players in the league. He has been disrespected and discounted by the national media for the majority of his career, even after winning a Super Bowl. After winning that ring, Wilson went on to have more stellar seasons including over 4,000 yards and 34 touchdowns, with an NFL-leading 110.1 rating, in 2015 and leading the NFL in touchdown passes in 2017. Yet, he did not receive a single MVP vote. Now, it seems, he is finally getting his due. 

Last week, Wilson set the record for most passing touchdowns through three weeks, previously set by Mahomes in 2018 when he won MVP. Wilson is on pace for over 4,900 yards and 75 touchdowns (current NFL record is 55). Yeah, those stats over 16 games would probably earn him a vote or two.

Winning NFC Offensive Player of the Month is just the beginning. It is the first time Wilson has won that distinction in his ninth season in the NFL. This means he has reached a new level of respect around the league and if he continues on this trend through 13 more games, he will be a shoo-in for the Most Valuable Player of the NFL, which he truly has been thus far.