Should Seahawks Pursue CB Janoris Jenkins?


Stemming from a derogatory tweet sent to a fan while sitting out Wednesday's practice with an ankle injury, the Giants waived/injured veteran cornerback Janoris Jenkins on Friday.

After already claiming receiver Josh Gordon off waivers, could the Seahawks do the same trying to bring Jenkins into the fold?

Rather than waste too much time on specifics, it seems unlikely Seattle or any other team for that matter to put in a claim on Jenkins due to his contract. Any team that claimed him would be on the hook for the final year of his contract, which has a cap number of $14.5 million and a dead cap hit of $3.5 million if released.

If Jenkins isn't claimed, he would revert to the Giants injured reserve and considering his minor ankle issue, both sides would likely crank out an injury settlement that would make him an unrestricted free agent.

Under those circumstances, Jenkins would get to choose his next destination and at a far cheaper price point, he'd be much more appealing to playoff contenders such as the Seahawks.

Aside from getting torched by Buccaneers star Mike Evans in Week 3, Jenkins has actually enjoyed a pretty successful eighth NFL season. The 31-year old cornerback has intercepted four passes and produced 14 passes defensed, limiting opposing quarterbacks to a 53.8 percent completion rate and a 65.3 passer rating.

Notorious for making "business decisions" as a tackler in the past, Jenkins has also been slightly better in the missed tackles department, decreasing his missed tackle percentage by three percent compared to last season.

Previously a Pro Bowler in 2016, Jenkins has intercepted 22 passes in eight seasons with the Rams and Giants. He's also been one of the NFL's best at scoring defensive touchdowns, returning seven of those picks along with one fumble for six points.

Looking at Seattle specifically, from a scheme standpoint, the 5-foot-10, 190-pound Jenkins doesn't fit the profile for what coach Pete Carroll looks for from outside cornerbacks. However, given his athleticism, he'd be an intriguing fit as an upgrade playing slot corner in nickel and dime packages.

But there's a potentially big problem with that logic. While it's up for debate, Jenkins views himself as an elite cornerback and earlier this month, he expressed his frustration about being limited to one side and not traveling with the opposing team's top receiver.

If the Seahawks, who already have Shaquill Griffin and Tre Flowers excelling on the outside, asked Jenkins to move to slot cornerback, would he be able to check his ego at the door? Maybe he'd surprise, but that doesn't seem like a situation the veteran would be too pleased with even if he landed on a Super Bowl contender.

As always, expect Seahawks general manager John Schneider to investigate the possibility with Jenkins. If he clears waivers and is eventually released outright, it's not out of the realm of possibility they could pursue him because he's a talented football player.

However, given Jenkins' history of off field antics, including tweeting a slur towards a fan while supposedly missing practice injured, Seattle would probably be wise to stay away.

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Agreed, no reason to pursue him. We got our guys and Gordon was a great fit. Jenkins I feel is more of a liability than an asset


CB Janoris Jenkins (Richard Sherman), S/CB Tre Flowers (Jeremy Lane), CB Shaquille Griffin (Byron Maxwell), and CB Quandre Diggs (Kam) would resemble the LOB! They could be as good or better!

What luck if they can get him?! But somebody has to play safety, and the Seahawks need a safety with ET’s cover skills, which Diggs almost has anyways. He has a great nose for the ball.

Tre Flowers can move back to safety, which is his natural position. Jenkins and Diggs would reek havoc on a lot of QB’s and receivers, and would have a chance to make Lamar Jackson think more about sliding after advancing past Seattle’s LB’s.

The Seahawks can get away with cover-1 in some situations, and in fact will need it if they face a team like Dallas or LAR in the playoffs. Those teams have great running backs, and Prescott can rush the ball a bit.

Shoring you’re that secondary will make the Seahawks a huge threat for this year’s Super Bowl. Next year (2020-21), the Seahawks and the Ravens would have to be the prohibitive favorites to appear in the big game, especially if Rashad Penny returns by week-8 of next season.


Tweeting while injured...what a crime?! He made a mistake, and it’s a teachable moment. They should absolutely go after him in this Super Bowl push.


Go get him. They need the help. Figure it out and go get him! Those saying he's not worth the headache won't part their lips to say that when Seattle's opponents can't pass on them at will. So miss me with that foolishness. Especially since the Giants only cut him to create salary cap space, not because he went off on some @**#0l€ online. That was just an excuse.


GO GET HIM He would make our pass defense better and there's ways to decide on 2020. What if that move and our position moves make a playoff quality change ? Brees or Rodgers will light us up and now we have 2 new injuries in the Dbacks that could mean less than 100% as of next week !