Locked On Seahawks (1/30/20) - Will Seahawks Let Shaquill Griffin 'Travel' in 2020?


A discussion that hasn’t gone away since Seattle’s season came to an end in Green Bay is back to the forefront, as Shaquill Griffin expressed interest in traveling with top receivers in his next step of progression towards becoming a shutdown corner. Locked On Seahawks hosts Corbin Smith and Nick Lee discuss whether or not Seattle should let Griffin move with elite receivers next year, break down the state of the Seahawks at the guard position, and take a look at which former Seahawks will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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What does travel mean?


He will be allowed to play on the left and right side of the field, following another teams best wide receiver...some players like to stay on one side of the field because they have always played that way and don't want to change....