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Justin Reid believes Colin Kaepernick deserves a chance to compete for a roster spot in the NFL

Houston Texans safety Justin Reid feels that Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid deserve a shot to compete for a roster spot on a NFL team.

Justin Reid believes that Colin Kaepernick deserves an opportunity to compete for a roster spot in the NFL. 

Kaepernick's name has been thrust back into focus after his peaceful protests of police brutality, which started in 2016, rendered him without a team after the San Francisco 49ers released him. There have been questions on exactly why Kaepernick has been not signed by an organization and at least not given more opportunities to work out for teams. 

Many point to Kaepernick's stance of kneeling during the national anthem as the reason all of the NFL team's have shied away from signing the quarterback 

The Houston Texans safety sat down had a sit-down video interview on ABC13 with David Nuno and Raheel Ramzanali, Reid was asked about Kaepernick and his brother, Eric, who was recently cut by the Carolina Panthers if they deserved a shot to be on an NFL roster. 

Eric Reid took part in Kaepernick's kneeling when they were teammates in San Francisco. It took Reid a full off-season after the 49ers parted ways before the Carolina Panthers signed three games into the 2018 season after needing safety help. 


Justin Reid believes his friend Kaepernick and his brother, Eric, deserve the shot to show they belong on an NFL roster. 

"I believe they deserve a chance," Reid said of the two. "I believe, at the very least, deserve the chance to prove themselves."

Reid added, "I'm not saying they deserve to be on the team just because of who they are. I think they deserve the chance to prove themselves to show that they are the player that's ready to be on active 53 man roster. And I think when they get that opportunity that they will prove it."

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Reid has watched the NFL closely single out Kaepernick and then see his brother have a hard time find an NFL team until the Panthers came calling. 

With the NFL recently saying they made a mistake in 2016 for not listening to the peaceful protests regarding police brutality, Reid sees an issue for the way the NFL treated the two for not listening to them the first time. 

Reid was critical of the NFL for not doing their part in 2016, helping Kapernick's voice be heard on an issue that they are willing to address in 2020. 

"To the NFL as a whole," Reid started. "Like their players, for instance, like Kaepernick, for instance, like my brother, who are still jobless and facing (the) consequences over the issues of this, even though the NFL has come out and given a public apology that they were wrong for how they treated this movement in the first place."

"Yes, these guys are still don't have jobs," Reid continued. "I mean, Kaepernick, I know still been training tediously every year just waiting on this opportunity. My brother set two franchise records last season, and he's still cut. You know, so there's there's a little bit of issues there that's a little bit more personal."

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