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Where Does Texans' Mark Ingram Keep His Heisman Trophy?

The 2009 Heisman Trophy winner has a special place for his award

HOUSTON -- When Texans veteran running back Mark Ingram was a sophomore at Alabama, he earned the top individual college football award.

Rushing for 1,658 yards, earning consensus All-American honors and leading the Crimson Tide to a 14-0 record and a national championship in 2009, Ingram was named the Heisman Trophy award winner.

At the time, Ingram lived in the Alabama athletic dormitory. So, his mother, Shonda Ingram, kept his prize trophy at the family home in his hometown of Flint, Mich.

To this day, it's still at his mother's house.

"She has it on a little stand with some pictures of family around it," Ingram said Monday at NRG Stadium. "Just sitting in the living room.” 

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It's a fitting spot for the Heisman Trophy for the three-time Pro Bowl selection.

"I won it and I was still in college, you don’t just keep it in the dorm," Ingram said. "I just let her take it home and it’s been there ever since. I told her I’m going to take it at some point when I have a nice appropriate display  for it, but that time has not come yet. 

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"So, she’s still holding it down and it’s in the living room. She says people come and give the pizza and they be like ‘Is that a Heisman?’ It’s at the house. My mom is holding it down. I’m getting it back for sure. I am definitely getting it back.”

For Ingram, whose father, Mark Ingram, played wide receiver for the New York Giants, the Heisman is an object of pride for his entire family.

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“When people bring it up, it’s just crazy to remember," he said. "You know, the memories of it and being able to obtain it, the obstacles that get rid of space in I’d overcome that I’ve been able to make that and the team I was on that was able to help me win that. I still wanted to do so much more when I won it. 

"I still wanted to win the national championship. I still wanted to have a big year and get drafted. I still always wanted to accomplish more. So, I think maybe when I am done maybe it will settle in. But it is crazy to be the first one at Alabama and being able to win that trophy was a huge honor and something that I’m proud of.”

A former New Orleans Saints first-round draft pick who has also played for the Baltimore Ravens, Ingram, 31, is the Texans' leading rusher with 186 yards and two touchdowns with 7,324 rushing yards and 62 touchdown runs. Ingram has set his ambitions on achieving more goals.

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“I don’t have any championship trophies, so nothing quite like that," Ingram said. "But, just having an 11-year career so far, that’s something I am proud of. I’m proud of that Heisman. I’m proud of some of the seasons I’ve had. Been able to make some Pro Bowls. Been able to win some division championships. Been able to experience some playoff wins. All that stuff is just great memories, a testament to hard work and dedication and being on good teams. So, if there are any similarities, I would say putting together the hard work, being on good teams, all the hard work.

"That’s what I’m proud of with winning the Heisman. That’s what I’m proud of being 11 years in and having won some great games, some playoff games. Having some individual success as far as Pro Bowls and stuff like that. I’m proud of those moments just like I am proud of winning the Heisman, but still have so much more I want to accomplish. So, I don’t live on those things, kind of just want to achieve more.”