All 17 Brady vs. Manning box scores, combined into one. 

By Daniel Hersh
January 24, 2016

Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Broncos was the 17th, and possibly the last, meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. In these 17 games— more than an entire NFL regular season’s worth of Brady vs. Manning—these two future Hall of Famers have thrown the ball to an abundance of different receivers, from perennial Pro Bowlers to statistical footnotes. compiled the stats and put together the ultimate Brady–Manning box score: the combined numbers from all 17 contests started by Brady and Manning.

AFC title game primer: Patriots vs. Broncos


• The combined score of the rivalry is 479–412, in favor of Brady’s teams. By quarter:

Brady 78 178 115 105 3 479
Manning 64 125 99 124 0 412

• Two receivers—Wes Welker and Welker and Austin Collie—played on both sides of the Manning–Brady matchup in their careers.

• Three receivers played with Manning on both the Colts and the Broncos: Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme and Brandon Stokley.

• Of their 17 meetings, Brady has won 11 and Manning has won six.

• Brady has won four Super Bowls, while Manning has won one. Brady has appeared in six Super Bowls, while Manning will have appeared in four after the upcoming Super Bowl 50. 

• This was their fourth matchup in the AFC Championship Game and fifth in the playoffs. In conference title games, Manning now leads Brady 3–1, and in the playoffs, he leads the series 3–2. In the postseason, the winner of the game has ultimately won the Super Bowl three out of four times. 

• Brady and Manning are not the only two players to throw passes in Brady–Manning matchups. Mark Rypien went 5–of–9 for 57 yards in relief of Manning in a blowout Colts loss in the quarterbacks’ first meeting, and Doug Flutie (3–of–7, 20 yards) replaced Brady at the end of a 40–21 Patriots loss in 2005. David Patten threw a 60-yard touchdown pass to Troy Brown in the second Brady–Manning meeting.

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