SI Insider: Three Games Every NFL Fan Should Be Looking Forward to This Season

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Madelyn Burke: As we look ahead to the 2020 NFL season, I'm sure there are a few games that are going to be appointment viewing joined now by the MMQB, it's Albert Breer. Albert, what are three matchups that every NFL fan should circle their calendar for?

Albert Breer: Well, I'll give you three fun ones. And the first one is fun for me because I actually happened to be in school in the Big Ten when these two guys were in the Big Ten, which is probably dating me. But the Drew Brees/Tom Brady rivalry actually goes further back, believe it or not, than the Brady/Manning rivalry does. 

The first time they played was on October 2nd, 1999. So they actually played against each other in the 20th century. Those two guys are playing against each other twice. I think it can be a blast seeing those two in the same division. Of course we don't know how age is going to catch up with either guy. But those games promise to be important games based on the state of both teams. 

Number two: the Ravens and the Chiefs. I think that this one goes without saying the fact that you're going to be getting two of the most electric quarterbacks in football and the last two MVPs facing off - Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. 

Just a fascinating matchup. It was wildly entertaining when those two played last September in Kansas City. And you'd expect this one being in Baltimore that they're going to be high stakes and high excitement for that one. 

Then I'll give you a little bit of a curveball here. I think this one's kind of fun for a different reason, the 49ers play in Foxboro against the Patriots. What's interesting about this one to me is the fact that the Patriots are going into the post-Tom Brady era and into Foxborough will come Jimmy Garoppolo, the guy who was at one point tagged to be Brady's heir apparent. Brady fought him off for four years. Obviously, that was a big point of contention. We saw some of the things go back and forth there over the over the time that those two were together there. The idea of Jimmy Garoppolo coming in and quarterbacking a Super Bowl team, bringing that team into Foxborough, I think is really, really interesting.  

Madelyn Burke: Jimmy Garoppolo is definitely going to be showing off for his ex in that matchup for sure. These games just have me very excited for the fact that football season is coming up. It's four months away, but hopefully those four months will fly by. Albert Breer, thanks so much for the time.

Albert Breer: Thanks, Madelyn.

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