Miami Dolphins Agree to Four-Year Deal With QB Tua Tagovailoa

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Madelyn Burke: The Dolphins have made it official: signing their first-round draft choice quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to his rookie deal. Joining me now is SI Dolphins' reporter Alain Pouport. Alain, Tua didn't take long spending that signing bonus. We saw him buying his mom a brand new car for Mother's Day this weekend. What are your early impressions of the young quarterback?

Alain Pouport: Well, he's just a guy who's got the "It Factor," and that's one of the things that head coach Brian Flores had mentioned at the combine in terms of what they were looking for in a quarterback. Going back to his days in Alabama, he's always had it. He's very charismatic... Comes across very, very well in interviews. Generally, he will always say the right things. Friendly guy. Then we saw with the video on social media on Sunday buying the Escalade for his mom. I mean, good son on top of everything. Right now he's at a stage where he can do no wrong with the Dolphins' fan base, and, obviously, the hope is that it continues once football is actually being played.

Madelyn: Now, we saw he chose to wear #1, his college number, of course being #13, untouchable in South Beach after Dan Marino wore it. What's the story behind #1?

Alain Pouport: Well, what he put on social media when he got #1 was he's playing for an audience of one, which, according to the Athletes In Action, is basically you're playing for God and he's the #1, no matter what you do. That's what you're playing for. It's not for the fans, it's not for your teammates. That's the one who guides your "everything." He's a deeply religious kid, so that was the reason he chose #1.

Madelyn Burke: Alain Pouport, thank you so much for the time and the insight into the Dolphins' new quarterback. 

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