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Traina Thoughts: One NFL Team Is Weighing Their Players Every Day With Pics From The Scale

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Fox reporter Peter Schrager joined SI writer Jimmy Traina to talk about the NFL, and one interesting tidbit about one NFL team's offseason training piqued Jimmy's Interest: Players are weighing themselves every day and sending pictures of their scale to team trainers as evidence of their work. Jimmy joins SI's Robin Lunderberg to delve deeper into this.

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Robin Lundberg: How are NFL teams keeping track of player conditioning during quarantine? Well, it's not as high tech as one might think. Our Jimmy Traina had a chance to talk to Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football and Jimmy, this just entails snapping a picture of a scale and sending it to the training staff?

Jimmy Traina: Yeah. Peter was on the SI Media podcast with me and he's has a lot of insight, talks to tons of players and coaches. He revealed that one NFL team is making their players, each day, get on a scale, take a photo of it and then email or text it to the team trainers to make sure they are maintaining the proper weight for an NFL player.

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Robin Lundberg: Now, is this an honor system thing, because I feel like that could be manipulated. That's something you could Photoshop.

Jimmy Traina: Yeah. I mean, you get one of those old school scales and set it back a few pounds. You can sort of get heavy one day and then, you know, put on a big coat and then you can eat a little bit, not gain as much. Then, the next day you take the coat off and you've, you know, dumped five pounds just like that.

Robin Lundberg: Yeah, you wear that coat, you get on the scale, you take the picture, you film yourself doing five pushups, take the coat off, and the next day you drop the weight and it looks like you're crushing it.

Jimmy Traina: Yeah. I mean, they're going to have to maybe go to like a live face time or Instagram live with the weigh-in but right now, they're just doing photos.

Robin Lundberg: It'll have to work for now. Hey, we're all making it work. You can check out the SI media podcast, make sure you download that, and of course, read Traina Thoughts every day. Jimmy, appreciate your time, as always.

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