Will Dak Prescott Become The Highest Paid Quarterback Of All Time?

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The Cowboys have reportedly offered Dak Prescott a contract worth $175 million over 5 years, which would make Prescott the highest paid quarterback of all time.

SI's Bill Enright and Cowboy maven Mike Fisher join Kaitlin O'Toole to discuss how likely Dak Prescott is to be the highest paid quarterback. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: $175 million for five years. That was the deal, reported by Sports Illustrated, offered to Dak Prescott by the Dallas Cowboys. This deal would make him the highest paid quarterback ever in the NFL. Prescott's side has not counter proposed a five year deal remaining firm on its desire to stick with a four year contract. Joining me now is Cowboys maven Mike Fisher and SI's fantasy and gambling analyst Bill Enright. Mike, the rumored offer breaks down to $35 million a year for five years, but as you've reported all along, Dak wants to sign a four year deal, and the rumor of wanting $45 million in the final year is simply not true. Can you elaborate on this for us? 

Mike Fisher: Yeah, I think there's some people that are kind of taking the math and screwing it up. We reported six weeks ago that the Cowboys offer to Dak Prescott was gonna be five years and $35 million APY. That would indeed put him in the Russell Wilson category of highest paid football player ever. So today we're seeing reports that it's $175 million. Well, it is. That's what 5 x 35 is. That's a $175 million. Today we're seeing reports that he turned it down. Well, yes, there's either two choices: you accept it or you don't accept it, and if you choose the latter, then you've turned it down further muddying the waters. 

Chris Simms, the NFL analyst, the former quarterback, came on our radio station in Dallas, 1053 the fan, and threw out the idea, or rumor, that there was $45 million that Dak Prescott's side wants tacked on somehow if they accept a five year deal. And in fact, what we learned today is Dak Prescott's side has not counter proposed the five year deal in any form. $45 million or not, Kaitlin, as you say, Dak Prescott's side wants a four year deal. And the reason is, the NFL TV contract expires after 2022. Players know the salary cap is going to explode then. I want another bite of that apple as soon as I can after that.

Kaitlin O'Toole: So let's talk about this deal. Bill, what makes Dak Prescott worthy of that type of contract? 

Bill Enright: Well, he's just simply the next quarterback up in the NFL ready to sign the next highest paid quarterback deal of all time. 2017 it was Matt Stafford, 2018 it was Jimmy Garoppolo, just a couple of months after Jimmy Garoppolo it was Aaron Rodgers. 2019 it was Russell Wilson. So Dak is that next quarterback up, and that's just what happens in today's NFL. Since 2016, only three quarterbacks in the league have never missed a game. Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers and Dak Prescott. Since 2016, Dak Prescott is tied for second behind Drew Brees with 14 game winning drives. Since 2016 there are 13 quarterbacks with over 90 touchdowns. Dak has 97. Of that group only Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Carson Wentz have less interceptions than Prescott, and only Wilson played in the same amount of games as him. Since 2016 only one quarterback has more than 20 rushing touchdowns. That's Dak. Since 2016, only the Chiefs, Patriots, Saints, Steelers and Ravens have more wins than the Cowboys. So Prescott's time is here. His stats have the juice that is worthy of getting these big time contracts that we've seen for every major quarterback in the NFL. It's just a matter of him and Jerry Jones putting pen to paper and getting it done.

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