Tom Brady Documentary 'Man in the Arena' to Air on ESPN in 2021

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Step aside, The Last Dance. ESPN is producing another documentary slated to be released in 2021, this time about sports icon Tom Brady. Brady confirmed the news in a tweet on Thursday. The series will be called The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady and will feature interviews with the star athlete about his life and football journey. 

SI's Devon Clements and Corey Parson discuss what part Brady's story they're most keen to see on screen.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: We all loved ESPN's documentary The Last Dance, and now the network says they will explore another sports icon with a nine-part Tom Brady documentary coming in 2021. Joining me now is PatriotMaven Devon Clements and SI's Fantasy and Gambling Analyst Corey Parson. Devon, the documentary called Man in the Arena will focus on Brady's career and explore his firsthand account of these legendary moments. What are some of the highlights that you would like to see included in this documentary?

Devin Clements: Well, don't get me wrong, for every single one of those episodes, I'm going to be at the edge of my seat soaking it all in, but what's going to interest me the most is the later parts of the documentary, specifically around 2018 on because to me that's when it seemed like an attitude change kind of happened with Tom Brady in terms of how he felt about his situation with the Patriots. They start taking the ball out of his hands a little bit more in 2018 to run the ball some more. I don't think he took that too kindly. And when they start talking about it his offseason decision this year, that's what's gonna really intrigue me because then we'll finally get to see a behind the scenes look as to his mindset and what made him choose to go to Tampa Bay. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Yeah, very interesting point, I like that. But it's been a 20-year career, so there's got to be a lot packed into this documentary. Corey, what are you looking forward to seeing?

Corey Parson: Well I just want to see the process in general. I find it interesting that he's calling it "Man in the Arena." I always hear LeBron James use the term "man in the arena" as well. I guess it's something that GOATS, you know, do. Now, as far as the documentary, I want to see the process—if you remember Tom Brady's combine picture you would never think that he would turn into the GOAT that he is today. Now, with that being said, Devon made an excellent point. I want to go back to those latter years in New England. Particularly I would like to know what happened a couple of seasons ago. Going into the playoffs, Tom Brady had a cut on his hand that he had to have bandaged up. They said he cut his hand handing the football off on somebody's helmet or something like that. I would really like to know what happened. I want to see his relationship with Josh McDaniels, relationship with Bill Belichick as well. So I'll be looking forward to seeing what Tom Brady has to say.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Yeah, unfortunately we got to wait until 2021, but we're all looking forward to it. Guys, thanks, I appreciate your insight on this.

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