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Can Aaron Jones Repeat His 2019 Numbers?

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With Aaron Jones coming off an incredible 2019 season, will he be able to maintain those numbers in 2020? Packers reporter Bill Huber joins Kaitlin O'Toole to talk about what he expects from Jones moving forward. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Aaron Jones had one of the best seasons in Packers history with 1,084 rushing yards, 474 receiving yards, and he led the NFL with 16 rushing TDs and 19 total touchdowns. Joining me now from Packers Central is Bill Huber. Bill, Jones went on the record last year and said he wanted to lead the league in touchdowns and he did just that. Do you think that he can do it again this season?

Bill Huber: I don't, and it's no slight on Jones. He led the NFL with 19 total touchdowns. LaDainian Tomlinson, who is number 3 in NFL history in total touchdowns only did that once. You have to go back the last twenty five years, only three people have gone back to back in leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns. So I think the odds are stacked against them. And plus, they spent their second round pick on AJ Dillon, a 245 pound guy. It's pretty easy to see him poaching a few touchdowns in some of those third and goal situations.

Kaitlin O'Toole: He's entering his contract to year. Do you think that the Packers will keep him on the roster moving forward?

Bill Huber: It's a great question. There had been talks between him and between the team and his agent. That said though, second contract running backs often have not been worth the money. You go back last year, the top five running backs in salary cap charge: David Johnson, Todd Gurley, Le'Veon Bell, Lamar Miller, Davonta Freeman. Johnson and Gurley were both released this offseason and Miller and Freeman are still out of work. So you know what? A lot of times you reward those guys for big seasons and they just don't back it up. So it's a really tough decision. I assume they're going to, but man, it is a big financial gamble. 

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