Unchecked: Drew Brees Apologized, But Will It Be Accepted?

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Drew Brees' first comments in regards to the protests that have swept the country in the wake of the killing of George Floyd were insensitive, lacked empathy, and completely missed the point of what is going on. Yes, he apologized, but can he still lead his team and command the respect from his teammates that he once did?

Drew Brees’ comments weren’t perceived the wrong way, he said what he said. And if people don’t understand why NFL players were taking a knee by now, they’ll never get it. However, one thing I don’t believe will get us anywhere is arguing about the content of his comments. March, donate, call, speak your mind, but don’t waste your time. What Brees is correct about in his apology, is that what he said came across with absolutely no empathy. He can say what he wants but for those to be the first words out of his mouth right now? With so many in pain? I think that’s why he clearly let so many people down. From protestors in the streets of New Orleans to LeBron James to members of his own team like Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins. With that said, as much as I think it is counterproductive to revisit arguments about NFL protests, I would say the same about rebuffing those who make an honest commitment toward change. And in his call for unity, Brees did directly outline many of the issues that must be addressed to get there. I truly hope this expression of empathy is genuine and is backed up by his actions.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees before the game against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium

Analysis from Kyle T. Mosley of Saints News Network: Drew Brees made a mistake by not addressing the hearts and minds of most New Orleans Saints fans after the death of George Floyd; Racism, Injustice, Police Brutality, Prejudice, and Bigotry in the United States of America. The City of New Orleans is almost 60% African-American. Many of those African-American Saints fans have been directly or indirectly affected by the reasons the protests and demonstrations exist today. Whether it is mistreatment by police officers, to inequality at work, or discrimination of some sort, they have been impacted. In my conversations with Saints fans, they had expectations from Brees to comment on their hurts and pains. His initial comments lacked the empathy they desired from a player they worshiped and respected in New Orleans.

 Many have expressed their discontent with Brees after his Yahoo Finance interview. He has apologized and shared an empathetic response via social media. I wonder if his apology would and could have been received better if he spoke on the video to his teammates, fans, and other supporters. The Saints have a senior locker-room with players like Cam Jordan and Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins was extremely distraught with Brees and has since tempered his feelings. The Saints organization is strong enough to withstand this turmoil. People cannot forget Drew Brees has done so many great things for the City of New Orleans, the citizens, communities, and even the State of Louisiana, where I cannot believe people will never forgive him. The next several months before football resumes in the NFL, for the Saints, can it be time for understanding, caring, sharing, and healing? We shall see.

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