New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Wants Sports Back

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Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey spoke with Jets Country's Kristian Dyer about sports and his hopes for a return to normalcy from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Madelyn Burke: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says it's possible fans could attend NFL games at MetLife Stadium this fall as the sport and the state navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining me now is SI's Jets reporter Kristian Dyer and Kristian, obviously, Jets fans and Giants fans would love to be in attendance at MetLife Stadium this football season. First of all, a different change of pace for you interviewing a governor. What was that conversation like and what do these comments mean right now?

Kristian Dyer: Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, is a huge sports fan. As a matter of fact, he's part owner of Sky Blue, which plays in the women's professional soccer league, he and his wife are highly involved in the team. She has a very strong role within the ownership group. So he wants to get sports back. His son plays soccer, a high school soccer heading into his senior year. So he understands that there's an emotional aspect, there's a physical aspect. And I think there's just a return to normalcy that can happen with sports and being able to speak with Governor Murphy, who really got that sense that he wants to get out the Garden State, which is home to two NFL teams an NHL team, the women's professional team and MLS team, the New York Red Bulls, as well as multiple college teams, including Rutgers, a Big Ten program. He wants to get them back on the field in the right responsible way. 

Madelyn Burke: And of course, the responsible way is the operative phrase here. I'm sure the governor will continue to prioritize safety as we look to get back to normal Kristian Dyer. Thanks so much for the time. 

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