Traina Thoughts: Roger Goodell Should Ignore Trump

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Donald Trump is clearly trying to reignite arguments around NFL protests.

This after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admitted the league was wrong in how they handled this issue in the past.

But instead of engaging, Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina told SI host Robin Lundberg that the best tact the league can take is to completely ignore the president's bait in today's edition of Traina Thoughts. After all, the NFL has proven in the past that its popularity will withstand anything.

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Robin Lundberg: The president of the United States clearly wants to reignite the NFL protest debate. For more on that, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina now. Jimmy, Roger Goodell doesn't really have to get into a rematch with Trump, right? He can simply ignore this. 

Jimmy Traina: That's the move I would make. Whether he can is a whole different story, because last time he did not and the owners did not. And it's up to Goodell to sort of get the owners in line here. Listen, the only play is to ignore Trump, MAGA, Fox News. They're gonna go crazy if people kneel. You just got to move forward. Ignore it, because if you don't, you just have a repeat of last time. And the NFL should know that they're not going to win those people over. So just do what you have to do. Goodell is finally getting on the right side of this. Stay on the right side of it and just tune out the noise, because that's all it is at the end of the day is noise. 

Robin Lundberg: Yes. Two things on that one. I think what Goodell did was significant, regardless of how you think they got there, simply because it's an insight to where the public is now and then to you know, this is an issue Trump wants people to talk about because he prefers that sort of conversation than than, you know, the state of the country right now. 

Jimmy Traina: Yeah, I mean, listen, day in, day out, all he likes to do is, you know, rile up the base and this is perfect for that. So he's going to do it. The base is going to get riled up. The NFL makes enough money where they can stay silent. Listen, if you want to believe there's going to be people tuning out and all that nonsense, believe it. The money the NFL will lose, it will not be significant to where the owners are going to be out on the streets with tin cups. They'll still make millions upon millions upon millions of dollars, even if everyone who is a MAGA boycott the NFL. 

Robin Lundberg: And I think, as we've seen, the NFL seems to be able to nearly withstand anything. You know, that shield they talk about is very powerful. 

Jimmy Traina: Yes. And I think people will be ready for the NFL when it starts. Week one, they are thirsty for the NFL after what we've been through the last three months.

Robin Lundberg: Yeah, I think they're ready for the NFL now. Jimmy, appreciate your time, as always. Anytime. 

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