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Daily Cover: Has Lamar Jackson Changed the Definition of a Quarterback?

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What is a quarterback? That was the question asked in the Baltimore Raven's locker room and it is one answered in many ways by Lamar Jackson.

Sports Illustrated's host Robin Lundberg is joined by SI's Jenny Vrentas and Todd Karpovich from Raven Country for more on how Lamar Jackson has inspired the next wave of quarterbacks.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson

"What we saw last season was obviously this unique usage of a quarterback who was the center of both a passing game and a running game. He seemed equally inclined to do both and that has made an impact in the younger generation." Vrentas said.

There is no doubt that Jackson is a talented quarterback but what makes him different than others playing the game?

"The one thing that separates Lamar from other quarterbacks is his work ethic." Karpovich shared in the interview.