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Las Vegas now in "Phase II" of the NHL expansion process.

By Allan Muir
August 05, 2015

Las Vegas is one step closer to earning an NHL expansion franchise.

In a press release issued on Wednesday afternoon, the organization behind the city’s bid revealed that it had completed “Phase I” of the application process.

“We are pleased to report that the NHL has invited us to participate in Phase II,” the statement read. “In this phase, we will be providing the League with additional information requested by it, including information about the Las Vegas market. We will also be permitted access to information provided by the League that it deems important to us.  We are hopeful that at the conclusion of this phase the league will invite us to participate in Phase III.”

That’s good news for the 13,000-plus hopeful supporters of the prospective Black Knights/Rat Pack/Scorpions, and for poker whiz Daniel Negreanu, who wants to buy a slice of the franchise should it be awarded.

Good news also for Quebec City. Although Quebecor, the group that is looking to bring the Nordiques back to the NHL, has yet to issue a similar statement, multiple sources are confirming that they also have been invited to Phase II.

NHL expansion teams through the years

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