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Olympic Boxer Attempts to Bite Opponent on the Ear

Moroccan boxer Youness Baalla did the unthinkable during a heavyweight bout with New Zealand's David Nyika at the Tokyo Olympics and attempted to bite him. 

Luckily, Baalla was unable to latch on in what could have been a scary situation. Baalla was behind in points in the third and final round when the two were wrapped up and he decided to get desperate. 

Strangely enough, the referee didn't see the attempt and the fight continued on.

Nyika went on to win 5–0 and after the fight shared his shock. 

“Did you see that? I don’t think the ref saw it. She was the closest one,” Nyika said, per Eurosport. “He didn’t get a full mouthful. Luckily, he had his mouthguard in, and I was a bit sweaty."

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Strangely enough, this isn't the first time a boxer has infamously attempted to take a bite of an opponent. Mike Tyson took a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a championship fight at Madison Square Garden in 1997 and was disqualified. He later had his boxing license revoked for 15 months.

This also isn't the first time that one of Nyika's opponents has tried to bite him. 

“I don’t remember what I said to him, but I gave him a little bit of a cheek," he said. "I have been bitten once on the chest before at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. But come on man, this is the Olympics.”

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