One player got a bit out of hand during a postmatch scuffle in an Indian Super League match. 

By Extra Mustard
December 14, 2016

At the conclusion of Mumbai City's Indian Super League semifinal tie with Atletico de Kolkata, which saw Atletico advance on aggregate, a scuffle broke out between the two sides. Postmatch scuffles are common enough in soccer, but on Tuesday one Mumbai City player got a bit out of hand. 

When the final whistle blows, the players come together for a customary shoving match. Thiago Cunha enters the picture and appears to throw a punch at an Atletico player. As he runs away, Cunha executes a quasi–roundhouse kick while trying to escape a horde of angry players, and then puts his fists up like he's ready to take on the entire squad. 

The fireworks start around the 0:15 mark. 


Fun fact: Diego Forlan is also a forward for Mumbai City, though he didn't play on Tuesday because he was sent off from the first leg with two yellow cards.

The Indian Super League sounds fun. 


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