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"It happens so often that you might not even take much notice anymore. A scramble concluding with an off-balance throw that lands directly on-target downfield. A sidearm sling to work the ball through an impossibly narrow throwing lane. A jump pass from a collapsed pocket, the ball flying further than what would seem to be biomechanically possible.

"Ten, maybe even five, years ago you’d only see a couple plays like this over the course of an NFL season; now, you’re seeing a handful of them seemingly every week. And, it turns out, that’s not by accident."

Conor joins Jenny and Gary to discuss his SI cover story on the quarterback evolution, and coaching revolution, that has swept through all levels of football faster than anyone could have imagined. And how, just a few years after it looked like the NFL was in the midst of a quarterback crisis, it now seems like the position is stronger than ever.

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