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Welcome to Sports Illustrated Weekly, where we gather the best sports stories from inside and outside the pages of SI and deliver them to you in audio form every Wednesday.

Our premiere tips off with SI Senior Writer Howard Beck who reports on the Golden State Warriors rebooting their dynasty with young players and an elite core still in its prime. Read: “The Warriors’ Quest to Achieve What Other Dynasties Couldn’t”, “The Fire That Burns Inside Klay Thompson”

Then, SI Senior Writer Jon Wertheim walks us through a conversation with Tom Brady on the occasion of receiving our Sportsperson of the Year award for the second time. After 22 years in the NFL, is Brady's career worth another look? And could the GOAT actually play until he’s 50? Read: “2021 Sportsperson of the Year: Tom Brady”

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Finally, NFL legend Joe Thomas describes what it meant for him to be profiled in the pages of Sports Illustrated as a young offensive lineman. Read: “Old School” by Peter King, April 23, 2007

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