Report: Tom Brady Restructures Contract, Frees Patriots' Cap Space

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has agreed to restructure his contract, according to Ian Rapaport of the Boston Herald.

Brady signed a four-year, $72 million contract extension in 2010; he was due a base salary of $5.7 million for this upcoming season. He reduced that figure to $950,000. His cap number for 2012 goes from $15.2 million to $8 million, while that figure for 2013 and 2014 rises to $21.8 million. All in all, the Patriots free up $7.2 million in space under the cap for this year.

The Patriots have already made a number of big-name free-agent signings: Donte Stallworth, Brandon Lloyd and Anthony Gonzalez to name a few. But this latest development allows for one more blue-chipper to fit under the Patriots' cap for next season.