By Evans Clinchy
March 23, 2012

Drew Stanton was adamant from the start that he didn't want to stay in New York with Tim Tebow there to usurp his role as the Jets' backup quarterback. Now it appears he's gotten his wish -- the Jets have announced that they've traded Stanton to the Indianapolis Colts.

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Ironically, it was the Colts who initiated this quarterback carousel -- the Jets cut loose Peyton Manning to make room for likely No. 1 draft pick Andrew Luck, the Denver Broncos picked up Manning and dealt Tebow, and the Jets acquired Tebow only to ship out Stanton. It's an upgrade for Stanton -- rather than play third-string QB behind Mark Sanchez and Tebow, he'll likely be the No. 2 option in Indianapolis after Luck (or, possibly, Robert Griffin III).

Stanton's time with the Jets was very short-lived -- the 27-year-old Michigan State alum just signed a week ago, signing a one-year, $1.25 million deal with a $500,000 signing bonus last Friday. He previously spent four seasons with the Detroit Lions.

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