By Will Yoder
April 05, 2012

Documentary film maker Sean Pamphilon released a statement today on a blog calling former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams arrogant and a coward.

“Essentially, Gregg Williams is not entirely unique,” Pamphilon writes. “He’s just the one who was arrogant enough to continue when he was told to stop and eventually, he got popped for it.”

“’We make no apologies for the way we play the game,’ Williams said in a tone which suggested that he actually had the balls to put on a uniform and do the very things he was ordering his players to do, much less be on the receiving end of the blows he was ordering up.I don’t have those balls."

“You don’t have those balls."

“And Gregg Williams most definitely does not have those balls."

“It’s a cowards play to send someone off to do your malicious bidding. I’m sure many of his players would have told him this if they weren’t scared to lose their jobs or look like bitches in front of their teammates. Or if they weren’t 25 and couldn’t possibly have a fully developed perspective on life.”

Pamphilon made headlines today when he released an audio recording of Williams speaking to his team before a game against the San Francisco 49ers. In the speech, he encouraged his players to hurt specific players on the opposing offense.

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