By Evans Clinchy
April 06, 2012

The No. 1 pick in the NFL draft belongs to the Indianapolis Colts, no question, and they're using it to select a quarterback. The No. 2 went to the St. Louis Rams, who moved it to Washington for a handful of later picks. Now there's news about the No. 3 -- according to Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly, the Minnesota Vikings are considering trading the pick on the April 26 draft date.

“If we want to get out of that pick, we’ll [determine] what it will take to get out of that pick,” Vikings GM Rick Spielman said. “Plus you have to be careful of how far you would want to go [down in the draft]. You have to know what you’re looking at, depending on how far you go back. Are you getting yourself out of the [range of] the supposedly blue-chip type of players?"

It's obvious to the Vikings what the player pool will look like at No. 3 -- the Colts and Redskins will take Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, in either order, and Minnesota will have its pick of everyone else. So there's not much cause for Spielman to drag this out -- if he wants to move the pick, he might as well move it now. But the GM has said he plans to wait until closer to the draft, maybe even when on the clock, to strike a deal.

“There are times we have been in [the war room] and we’ve done deals on the clock," Spielman said. "It’s an unknown, but you’re prepared for both ways. We’ll be ready and we’ll have a good idea of what we think the value of that third pick is."

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