By Will Yoder
April 17, 2012

New England Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork told the Boston Herald that he would like the NFL to stop protecting “wimpy” quarterbacks.

“One thing I’d get rid of is the penalties, certain penalties,” he said. “I can do without them. You have a guy that’s making $30 million a year (the quarterback), but you can’t touch him. C’mon, let’s be for real now. Me as a defensive lineman, it’s OK for somebody to hold me up, and another guy to come and chop my legs, and I can’t protect myself. I can do without that. That’s probably the main thing. Being able to hit a quarterback good. We need that. We need that back right there.

“But you hurt the franchise of your team if you’re allowed to tee off on the quarterback. Cuz you know, quarterbacks are wimpy.”

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