Eli Manning Jokes That He's New York's 'Third Most-Talked-About Quarterback'

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Eli Manning might be a humble guy, but the New York Giants' quarterback does seem a little perplexed that he's received so little attention for toppling the New England Patriots and winning Super Bowl XLVI. First the Jeremy Lin craze took over New York, and now Eli is overshadowed by the story of Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

"[The] New York Giants just won a championship, yet I'm still the third most-talked-about quarterback in my own city," he joked in a panel discussion at Ole Miss this weekend.

Manning says he doesn't often pay attention to what's said about him in the media, but the constant coverage of Tebowmania in the Big Apple has been hard to avoid.

The Giants' two-time Super Bowl MVP does have a plan, though -- he's hosting "Saturday Night Live" on May 5, which might win him back a few fans.

"I am looking forward to it," Manning said. "'Saturday Night Live' will be fun and it will be a new experience for me.