Report: New York Giants Sign DT Shaun Rogers

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The New York Giants have announced the signing of veteran defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, according to the New York Daily News. Rogers will likely be a backup for the defending Super Bowl champions.

“I’m kind of honored and I appreciated them holding me in a regard enough to put me in along those guys,” Rogers said, according to the report. “Those guys are most definitely top-notch pass rushers, defensive linemen right now, especially in their prime. I’m just happy to be a part of that group, those guys are going to help me out and hopefully I can help them out.”

Rogers, 33, is a three-time Pro Bowler with the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns. He was not re-signed by the New Orleans Saints after the 2011 season, which left Rogers thinking perhaps his career was over.

“When you’re sitting out there you always have that in the back of your head being an 11-year vet,” he said. “‘Maybe this is the time. Is it not the time? How am I feeling? How am I transitioning this offseason?’ There are a lot of variables that play into that whole card.