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Report: Dwyane Wade Unsure About Competing In Olympics This Summer

As if USA Basketball didn't already have enough key players backing out of this summer's Olympics in London due to injury concerns, now they're hearing some waffling from a relatively healthy team member -- Dwyane Wade is less than 100 percent sure about this summer's Games, reports's David Aldridge.

"I'm just going to see how I feel," the Miami Heat guard said. "This is about being healthy -- I think, for all of us, going into the summer healthy -- and taking it from there."

Wade's equivocation is yet another item of bad news for a Team USA that's already encountered plenty -- LaMarcus Aldridge, Chauncey Billups, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love and Derrick Rose all encountered serious injuries this season and aren't looking likely for the Games this summer. Now Wade might add his name to the list.

Luckly the Americans, who just added Anthony Davis and James Harden to the roster last week, still have plenty of talent in reserve.

"You could, today, probably come up with 10 or 11 that look pretty solid unless something happens," USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said. "Wade's one of those guys, but if he feels like he doesn't have anything left or doesn't think he can go, then we'll make a decision as to who replaces him. We do have a lot of flexibility because we have guys who can play so many positions."