RGIII and Redskin wideouts set for players-only passing camp

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RGIII invited some Redskins teammates for a players-only passing session in Waco, Texas. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)


Waco, Texas. Middle of Texas, home of Dr. Pepper and Baylor University. Also the site of Washington Redskins' rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and his wideouts this summer, to workout and get acquainted.

NFL.com reports the Heisman Trophy winner will have at least seven of his teammates join him for a players-only passing session. Among the names Griffin said will be in attendance are Anthony Armstrong,  Brandon Banks, Fred Davis, Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss and Aldrick Robinson.

I’m going to go back and work out with some of my teammates who are coming into town with me to Waco,” Griffin III said. “So, it’ll be a busy time, but I’m gearing up for this long year that I know it’s going to be in the NFL with long season and the type of grind I have to be ready to go through.”

Griffin said that not all of his teammates were in favor of coming down to Waco.

"Shockingly, I convinced them to come to Waco, Texas, because not everybody wants to do that. I think next year we’ll do it somewhere more flashy, more vacation-like. Miami or Los Angeles, because I won’t have an apartment in Waco to move out of," he said.