By jonathanjones9
June 29, 2012

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is the latest NBA champion to pull his name from U.S. Olympic team consideration.

According to The Associated Press, Bosh decided against competing in the 2012 Olympics to rest and rehab an abdominal strain he suffered during the playoffs, which caused him to miss nine games.


Last week, Heat teammate Dwyane Wade said he would not be available to play for head coach Mike Krzyzewski this summer because he would have knee surgery. Bosh's agent Henry Thomas said the Heat forward wanted to be part of another gold medal run.

"It was a great experience in `08. Feels like it could be another one," Thomas said. "The exposure he would get being part of that team is something he would like. But at the end of the day, his health going forward is more important than all of those things."

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