By Brendan Maloy
October 15, 2013

Chris Duhon was struck by a car in an intentional hit-and-run on Saturday. Chris Duhon was the victim of a hit-and-run in Orlando on Saturday. (Jim McIssac/Getty Images)

Chris Duhon was intentionally struck by a car after he and the driver got into an argument in a parking garage, according to

Duhon, who is currently a free agent, was walking through the parking garage with his brother-in-law on Saturday night when a man in a black Lexus honked at the pair and told them to move and then got out of the car to argue with Duhon. After the two men were separated, the incident escalated:

As Duhon and [brother-in-law Julio] Hernandez got about twenty feet away from the Lexus, Hernandez told police the driver accelerated towards them. Hernandez said he was able to get out of the way, but Duhon was hit.

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Duhon hit his head on the windshield, and the driver sped off. Police spoke with the former Magic point guard, who said he had no memory of the incident, but would like to press charges if the man is found.

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