By Chris Mascaro
January 13, 2014

Joe Tacopina (Peter Kramer/Getty Images) Joe Tacopina countered many of Anthony Bosch's claims on Monday. (Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Count Alex Rodriguez lawyer Joe Tacopina among those unimpressed by the "60 Minutes" interview with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch.

Tacopina was on the "Boomer and Carton" show on WFAN in New York on Monday and called the Bosch interview — in which the Biogenesis founder accused Rodriguez of taking performance enhancing drugs and alleged he occasionally injected Rodriguez personally — a "charade."

“You know what? It’s really easy to be believable when you’re not being cross-examined,” Tacopina said. “It’s really easy to be believable when you’re not being asked by the interviewer from '60 Minutes' about his dealing [performance-enhancing] drugs to kids, and whether that had any basis for him becoming a witness against Alex Rodriguez.”

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Tacopina also restated Rodriguez's plan to participate in spring training despite his season-long suspension and said the players association wasn't happy with the "60 Minutes" interview, either.

“A lot of the players are up in arms,” Tacopina said. “We’ve gotten so many reach-outs from players and players’ agents saying, ‘How could MLB do this?’ “

Bosch said in the 60 Minutes interview that beating MLB's drug-testing system was a "cake walk" and that he had a $12,000 per month doping protocol for Rodriguez. But Tacopina said Bosch never spoke about a masking regiment during arbitration.

“That’s why that interview was so misleading in so many ways,” Tacopina said. “This guy was on the witness stand [in arbitration] for three days. … Here was his takeaway under oath: he had no masking program whatsoever.”

Tacopina also said a 50-game ban, as 12 other players in the Biogenesis investigation got (Ryan Braun got 65), wasn't offered to Rodriguez.

The entire interview can be heard here.

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