By Stanley Kay
January 22, 2014

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is prepared for threats to Sochi. (ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

The International Olympic Committee said Wednesday that Olympic personnel in several countries, including the United States, have received messages alerting them to a potential terrorist threat in Sochi. But the IOC said that the message does not appear to be credible.

A number of countries received an identical email message warning about potential danger at the upcoming Sochi Winter Games, according to CNN. Olympic officials from Hungary, Germany and Italy received the threatening message. Reuters reported that Slovenia also received the threat, which was written in Russian.

The CBS Evening News later reported that the American Olympic delegation had received a threat message. It is unclear whether the letter received by the United States is identical to the email sent to the other countries.

Counterterrorism officials in Hungary are reviewing the email, but the country's Olympic delegation still plans to participate in this winter's Olympics.

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The threat came amidst heightened concerns about security in Sochi, as Russian officials reportedly are attempting to track down several so-called "black widow" terrorism suspects, who are alleged to be planning suicide bomb attacks.

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