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Michael Sam's father says he was 'terribly misquoted' regarding homophobic comments

Michael Sam hasn't always had a good relationship with his family. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Michael Sam (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Michael Sam's father told The Galveston Daily News he was "terribly misquoted" by The New York Times in an article that details his struggle with the news that his son is gay.

In The Times story, Sam Sr. said he was uncomfortable with a gay NFL player, that he was a "man-and-a-women type of guy" and that he didn't want his grandkids "raised in that kind of environment."

"I did not say anything about my grandkids," Sam Sr. said to the Galveston paper, adding that he doesn't want people to think he has an issue with his son being gay.

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He acknowledged that while The Times accurately reported most things, he thought some of his words were taken out of context, such as a quote saying Deacon Jones was "turning over in his grave," upon hearing about a gay NFL player.

"I told them Deacon Jones is going to roll over in his grave because here comes my son and that he's going to be a star in the NFL," Sam Sr. told The Galveston Daily News.

The Times defended its reporting and said Sam Sr. was quoted "accurately and fairly" in an email to the Galveston newspaper.

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