By Chris Mascaro
February 17, 2014

Jahii Carson (Ralph Freso/Getty Images) Jahii Carson gave Arizona State its second win over a ranked opponent this season. (Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

When Arizona State's Jahii Carson dunked with a half-second left, he sealed the Sun Devils' 69-66 double-overtime upset over No. 2 Arizona on Friday.

But Carson hung on the rim and then pulled himself up in a chin-up motion.

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The Pac-12 conference acknowledged its referees should have assessed a technical foul on the play, which would have given Arizona two free throws and possession of the ball. The officials noted the error in their standard review of the game, a conference official told Andy Katz of Sunday night.

Carson's dunk came after Jordan Bachynski blocked an attempted game-winning shot by Arizona's T.J. McConnell with 5.2 seconds left.

Wrote Katz: "The NCAA rulebook cites Section 4 Class B technical infractions article 1, letter f, which states 'Grasping, either basket in an excessive, emphatic manner during the officials' jurisdiction when the player is not, in the judgment of an official, trying to prevent an obvious injury to self or others,' results in a technical."

Video of the play can be seen below.

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