Tweets of the Week: Olympics edition

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Whether you're the mother of a gold medalist, a proud Olympian on your way home or a confused player wondering (rightfully) why horses are a part of the Olympics, the London Games are still the dominant topic among the tennis set. Here are some of the week's best dispatches from the Twitterverse.

Tweet(s) of the week: Who knew Samuel L. Jackson would turn out to be a go-to source for Olympic news and commentary? (Click here for more bon mots from the actor.)

Best of the rest

10. Horsin' around: Sorry, dressage, you've got a long way to go.

9. The cover-up: A lewd joke was tweeted from Andy Roddick's account and Mardy Fish isn't sold on A-Rod's excuse.

8. Designated driver: Judy Murray with some responsible parenting.

7. Hunger for gold: Andy Murray got a taste at the Olympics and now he's insatiable. This is what happened when he was presented with a congratulatory cake after his first match in Montreal.

6. The Hoff: Consider this one of the most random series of tweets from the Olympics.

5. Medal detectors: "Oh, I'm sorry, it seems I forgot to take off my Olympic medal, and my Olympic medal set off the alarm. Hold on, let me take off my Olympic medal."

4. Welcome to New York: With the excessive toweling off after every point these days, is it wrong that I wish more ball kids were like this?

3. Heartfelt congratulations: Rafael Nadal may be recuperating, but he's still got an eye on the tennis.

2. Golden boy: You let her wear the silver, Andy? Come on, dude, let go of the gold for five seconds.

1. Statement: Welcome back, Serena.