The last man to win the calendar-year Grand Slam, Rod Laver talks about the inaugural Laver Cup, Roger Federer and more.

By Jon Wertheim
August 17, 2017

On the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor, Tennis Channel commentator and host Jon Wertheim takes fans between the lines with tennis commentary and exclusive interviews with the top players and newsmakers on the ATP and WTA tours.

On this week's episode, Wertheim talks with Rod Laver from a cafe in London about the upcoming and inaugural Laver Cup, a Ryder Cup-style event which will be held two weeks after the U.S. Open in September in Prague. Wertheim talks with Laver about what it is like for him to attend majors, particularly Wimbledon, after playing at them years ago; about how Laver Cup came to be, including how Roger Federer approached him about it; and how he found out the new competition was going to be called Laver Cup, after him. Laver also talks about what his real relationship with Federer is like.
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Also on the podcast, Laver talks about scheduling and how Laver Cup can help with the tennis calendar after the U.S. Open.

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