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Brittney Griner’s Wife Releases Statement After Call With Biden, Harris

Following her call with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, Brittney Griner’s wife, Cherelle Griner, released a statement to ESPN’s T.J. Quinn.

“I am grateful to the both of them for the time they spent with me and for the commitment they expressed to getting BG home,” Cherelle said. “While I will remain concerned and outspoken until she is back home, I am hopeful in knowing that the President read my wife’s letter and took the time to respond. I know BG will be able to find comfort in knowing she has not been forgotten.”

The Wednesday call comes two days after the Mercury star wrote a letter to Biden seeking his assistance in her release as she remains in Russia since her arrest on Feb. 17. The White House previously deemed her “wrongfully detained” in Russia after customs claimed to have found hashish oil in her luggage at Sheremetyevo International Airport near Moscow. Brittney’s trial is scheduled to resume on Thursday.

Ahead of the phone call, Cherelle spoke on CBS Mornings on Tuesday saying that she had yet to hear from Biden, calling it a “very disheartening” situation. 

Cherelle and others around the country continue to fight for Brittney’s return. According to the Associated Press, Griner’s detention was extended to Dec. 20.

“I want to thank everyone who has fought so hard for BG,” Cherelle said. “It means the world to my entire family as well as my wife. Please continue to pray for my family and all the other families of the wrongfully detained, as our pain remains active until our loved ones are brought home. Let’s continue to use our voices to speak the names of all the wrongfully detained Americans and support the Administration as they do what it takes to bring them home today.”

Additionally, the NBA and WNBA are working with the United States government to try to expedite Brittney’s case to bring her home.