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Watch: Former WWE Wrestler Enzo Amore Ejected From Ringside During Survivor Series

Enzo Amore tried to steal the spotlight during Survivor Series and got kicked out. 

Former WWE wrestler Eric Ardnt, known during his time with the company as Enzo Amore, tried to steal the spotlight during Survivor Series Sunday night in Los Angeles as he was ejected from ringside.

Ardnt, who was fired by WWE in January after a woman accused him of rape, snuck down into a ringside seat by hiding his face under a hood and wearing a black wig to cover his distinctive bleached hair.

He then stood up on his chair and started to cut a promo full of his WWE catchphrases. 

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Arndt was quickly apprehended by security and removed from the area. 

“Just checked... Still Certified,” Ardnt tweeted after the incident, referencing his former “Certified G” catchphrase.

The disruption occurred during the Raw vs. SmackDown tag team champions match between The Bar and AOP. 

Police in Phoenix announced in May that Ardnt would not face charges in the rape case due to a lack of evidence. Since being cleared in that case, Ardnt has attempted to transition into a career as a rapper. He at first rapped under the name “Real1” (which is also his Instagram and Twitter handle), but released an album on Sunday under the name nZo. 

Arndt made headlines earlier this week when he was reportedly kicked off a plane because he refused to stop vaping.