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Tallahassee Police Recover Chris Jericho’s AEW Championship Belt

Chris Jericho reported the belt stolen on Sunday. 

The All Elite Wrestling World Championship belt is safe and sound. 

Inaugural champion Chris Jericho reported the belt stolen on Sunday after it went missing while he was eating dinner in Tallahassee. 

The Tallahassee Police Department confirmed in a Facebook post on Wednesday morning that they had recovered the missing belt. Police later said the belt was turned in by someone claiming to have found it on the side of the road.

There was some confusion, though, as the police quickly deleted the Facebook post. Police told Tallahassee Democrat reporter Jeffrey Burlew that they were unable to confirm whether the belt had been found and that the case was still “open and active.”

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The confusion led to speculation that AEW may be trying to milk the belt’s disappearance for storyline purposes. (Jericho had already cut a promo on social media after the belt was reported missing.) AEW confirmed the belt’s recovery on Twitter, however.

The belt went missing after Jericho took a limo from the airport to a Longhorn Steakhouse on Sunday after arriving home from “All Out” in Chicago. He realized at the restaurant that he had taken the wrong luggage from the airport, according to the police report, and the limo driver returned to pick up the correct luggage. When the car arrived back at the restaurant, the belt was missing.

Tallahassee PD did not say whether anyone had been arrested in connection with the belt’s disappearance.