WWE Essential Business Essentially Test Case: Unchecked


Vince McMahon has been louder than anyone recently, without saying a word..

WrestleMania went on, the XFL went bankrupt and now WWE has been deemed an essential business in the state of Florida. While qualifying professional wrestling as essential is questionable at best, perhaps ridiculous and maybe reckless it does make me wonder if sports entertainment could serve as the case study for a return of actual sports.

This says nothing about legitimate criticisms that a public distraction is not worth possibly endangering employees or how the McMahon family connection to the current administration could be granting them leeway mind you...but if you look at how the WWE has continued to operate it does appear to be a bit of a blueprint for plans other leagues have entertained.

They’ve held everything at their performance center without fans much the same way ideas have been floated about Major League Baseball playing in Arizona or the NBA resuming in Vegas. And you know if California was Florida there might still be UFC currently. I’d imagine some sports execs are already taking a look at that state. 

Now those running the biggest leagues will obviously need to be way more safe as McMahon and his company are hardly the brand to emulate from a humanitarian standpoint. But it’s hard to completely rule out a return when there’s a real time case in place. Even if Ronda Rousey calls it fake.

That is if the WWE is somehow able to emerge from all this unscathed.