2014 NBA draft tracker: All 60 picks

Photo: Jason DeCrow/AP

Cleveland took Kansas freshman forward Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

The 2014 NBA draft is in the books.

From Andrew Wiggins to Cory Jefferson, we review each selection from 1-60 and break down the first round with our pick-by-pick analysis. For even more on the first 30 picks, click the "More" link at the end of the breakdown.

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Examining the NBA draft lottery picks
Sports Illustrated's Maggie Gray and David Gardner discuss the first 14 picks in the NBA draft and how they'll impact their new teams.

  • 1
    ANDREW Wiggins
    Kansas | Freshman | G
    6-8, 197 | SI rank: 2
    Analysis: After stunning the masses by selecting Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 pick last year, the Cavaliers made the obvious (and smart) play and used the top pick on Andrew Wiggins, a phenomenal athlete and a player long billed to be the top prospect in this class. Wiggins has all of the physical tools to be a superstar in the league -- the only question is whether he has the drive and willpower to realize his potential. LeBron James accomplished as much in Cleveland. Will Wiggins? MORE...

  • 2
    Duke | Freshman | F
    6-8, 241 | SI rank: 1
    Analysis: The best pure scorer in the draft, Milwaukee gets the player it wanted in Jabari Parker. A Chicago native, Parker reportedly preferred to be selected by the Bucks at No. 2 rather than the Cavaliers. Milwaukee has a hard time attracting top talent, so for a player of Parker's ilk to want to play with the Bucks is huge. Parker is a lock to average 20 points in the NBA and should have ample opportunities to shine as a Buck. MORE...

  • 3
    Kansas | Freshman | C
    7-0, 240 | SI rank: 3
    Analysis: Embiid is the biggest wild card in the draft. The Kansas center was the favorite to be the No. 1 pick leading up until a foot injury derailed his stock. The 76ers decided to roll the dice on the talented two-way center, even though he could miss as much as 9-12 months, according to SI.com's Chris Mannix. If Embiid pans out, GM Sam Hinkie will look like a hero. If not, he'll be criticized for taking a big man with injury problems for the second consecutive year. MORE...

  • 4
    Aaron Gordon
    Arizona | Freshman | F
    6-8, 209 | SI rank: 9
    Analysis: We have our first surprise of the night! Gordon might be the best athlete in the draft, but he's also a tweener forward and doesn't have an obvious position in the NBA. His game has been compared to Shawn Marion's and Gordon could prove to be a similar impact player on both ends if he pans out. MORE...

  • 5
    Australia | Age: 18 | G
    6-6, 196 | SI rank: 5
    Analysis: Dante Exum will join Trey Burke in Utah to form one of the most promising backcourts in the league. Exum is one of the most athletic players in this draft and also has a sound jumper, making him one of the most tantalizing prospects in the class. So why did he slip to No. 5? He's also the NBA draft's biggest unknown. He turns just 19 in July and oozes upside. The Jazz have had mixed luck in the lottery in recent years -- but Exum might be the one that finally pans out. MORE...

  • 6
    Okla. St. | Soph. | G
    6-3, 227 | SI rank: 6

    Analysis: Was Marcus Smart drafted to play with Rajon Rondo or replace him? Either way, the Celtics now have three outstanding on-the-ball defenders in Rondo, Smart and Avery Bradley. There's plenty of redundancy among those three, so you would think at least one of those players would have to be on their way out of Boston. Smart's jumper has been questioned, but not his athleticism and tenacity. He'll be a fan favorite in Boston. MORE...

  • 7
    Kentucky | Fresh. | F 
    6-9, 250 | SI rank: 7
    Analysis: Randle told reporters at NBA draft media day that he didn't think he would fall below No. 7 -- he was right. With Pau Gasol likely finished as a Laker, Randle will be the anchor of a new frontline in L.A. Despite being a one-and-done player, he's regarded as one of the more polished players in the draft. Randle is a demon on the boards and will be a load to guard in the paint. MORE...

  • 8
    Michigan | Soph. | G 
    6-6, 207 | SI rank: 12
    Analysis: Noah Vonleh's slide in the lottery continues. The Kings -- apparently undeterred from selecting Jimmer Fredette a few years back -- took Stauskas and are banking on the best shooter in the NBA draft panning out. But unlike Jimmer, Stauskas' game is more diverse. He's able to score off the dribble, create his own shot and doesn't have to exclusively rely on spotting up. He's also significantly taller, which shouldn't be understated. Stauskas does seem a bit repetitive with Ben McLemore, so we could see a trade in Sacramento down the line. MORE...

  • 9
    Indiana | Freshman | F 
    6-9, 247 | SI rank: 4
    Analysis: The Hornets are going all-in on Hoosier big men. After taking Cody Zeller at No. 4 overall last season, Charlotte is doubling-down and taking Vonleh at No. 9. Vonleh has impressive size (have you seen his hands?!) and skill (almost 50 percent shooting from deep last year), but he also has plenty of questions. He failed to dominate at IU and didn't reach the NCAA tournament. He's still only 18 and maybe has the most upside of any big man in the class not named Joel Embiid. The Hornets got great value here. MORE...

  • 10
    ULL | Junior | G 
    6-4, 185 | SI rank: 15
    Trade: 76ers reportedly sending No. 10 pick (Payton) to Magic for No. 12 pick (Dario Saric) and future first-round and second-round pick. 
    Analysis:  How will Elfrid Payton and Michael Carter-Williams fit in the same backcourt? They won't! Philly has reportedly selected Payton for Orlando and is shipping him to the Magic. Payton and Victor Oladipo will combine to form one of the most athletic backcourts in the league. MORE...

  • 11
    Creighton | Senior | F 
    6-8, 218 | SI rank: 8
    Trade: Nuggets reportedly sending No. 11 pick (Doug McDermott) and Anthony Randolph to Bulls for No. 16 (Jusuf Nurkic) and No. 19 (Gary Harris) picks and a future second-rounder.
    Analysis: The Bulls desperately get the shooter they need in Doug McDermott, while also creating a little bit of salary cap space to make a run at LeBron or Carmelo. The Nuggets, meanwhile, get two top-20 picks after not being in love with anyone at No. 11. This appears to be a win-win for both teams. We also look forward to Tom Thibodeau watching Doug McDermott play defense. MORE...

  • 12
    Croatia | Age: 20 | F 
    6-10, 223 | SI rank: 10
    Trade: 76ers reportedly sending No. 10 pick (Payton) to Magic for No. 12 pick (Dario Saric) and future first-round and second-round pick. 

    Analysis: For a second, it looked like the Magic were selecting Fran Vasquez 2.0. Instead, they shipped Dario Saric to Philly, which is showing an incredible amount of patience in this draft. First, they took Joel Embiid, who could miss his entire rookie season. Now they're taking Saric, who won't play in the NBA for at least two seasons. MORE...

  • 13
    UCLA | Freshman | G 
    6-6, 181 | SI rank: 17
    Analysis: I thought David Kahn was out of Minnesota? The Timberwolves select another point guard, and hands-down the most athletic one in the NBA draft. He has a long wingspan, an insane vertical and all of the physical tools to be a steal. But does he have the basketball skills? He averaged just 9.4 points per game at UCLA and often failed to show up in games. MORE...

  • 14
    T.J. Warren
    NC State | Soph. | G 
    6-8, 220 | SI rank: 25
    Analysis: The Suns' offense lands another dynamic scorer in Warren, who averaged 25 points per game for NC State last season and yet flew under the radar leading up to the draft. Warren doesn't blow you away with any skill in particular, but he's tremendously steady and a force on offense. He'll blossom in the Suns' free-flowing game. MORE...

  • 15
    Mich. St. | Senior | F/C 
    6-10, 239 | SI rank: 16
    Analysis: We thought Gary Harris would be the first Michigan State player off the board, but Payne's appeal proved to be too much to let him slide past the Hawks. The Michigan State product is a prototypical stretch-four, with the ability to beat you inside and outside. He also has an underrated post-up game and is a solid interior defender. Payne also gets to learn from Al Horford -- which should do wonders for his development. MORE...

  • 16
    BOSNIA | Age: 19 | C 
    6-11, 280 | SI rank: 19
    Trade: Nuggets reportedly sending No. 11 pick (Doug McDermott) and Anthony Randolph to Bulls for No. 16 (Jusuf Nurkic) and No. 19 (Gary Harris) picks and a future second-rounder.

    Analysis: After trading McDermott to the Bulls, the Nuggets used the first of their two first-round picks on Nurkic, the promising young center from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nurkic has promising size and a solid skillset, but he's still incredibly raw and probably a couple of years away from contributing. He's a candidate to stay overseas for a year or two before coming over. MORE...

  • 17
    KENTUCKY | Fresh. | G 
    6-7, 213 | SI RANK: 13
    Analysis: Young didn't star at Kentucky, but that shouldn't concern Celtics fans -- neither did Eric Bledsoe. Young is a strong shooter and a good athlete, which makes him an attractive offensive option. The Celtics desperately need players to build around and Young could prove to be a starter down the line should he realize his potential. The biggest questions for Young involve his defense and effort, which went missing at times in Lexington. MORE...

  • 18
    6-2, 182 | SI RANK: 14
    Analysis: With the Suns unsure if they'll be able to keep Eric Bledsoe this offseason, they select a promising point guard in Ennis. Ennis is a great facilitator and made for a run-and-gun offense like Phoenix's. The Suns also have a pretty good history with Canadian point guards -- so there's that. MORE...

  • 19
    MICH. ST. | SOPH. | G 
    6-4, 205 | SI RANK: 11
    Trade: Nuggets reportedly sending No. 11 pick (Doug McDermott) and Anthony Randolph to Bulls for No. 16 (Jusuf Nurkic) and No. 19 (Gary Harris) picks and a future second-rounder.
    Analysis: The Nuggets probably didn't think Gary Harris would fall to them when they traded for Arron Afflalo earlier Thursday. Harris is an outstanding defender and also a good shooter -- two traits Afflalo also shares. His physicality makes up for him being slightly undersized. And remember, Harris is still just 19. The Nuggets have to feel pretty happy about their draft haul -- they turned the No. 11 pick into Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, two players they likely would have been happy taking there. MORE...

  • 20
    Bruno cabOCLO
    Brazil | Age: 18 | f 
    6-9, 200 | SI RANK: N/A
    Analysis: Huh? The Raptors select Bruno Caboclo, who Fran Fraschilla described as the "Brazilian Kevin Durant" on ESPN's telecast. He then also added Caboclo is "two years away from being two years away." I'll leave it at that. MORE...

  • 21
    6-10, 263 | SI RANK: 25
    Analysis: For the second straight year, the Thunder select a scrappy big man who should give them a big boost off the bench. McGary is every as bit physical as Steven Adams, but is more of a force on offense (and not quite the shotblocker). He could develop into the perfect role player for the Thunder -- which makes him a great pick at No. 21. Before McGary's injury and off-court issues, he was projected as a lottery pick. MORE...

  • 22
    UCLA | SOPH. | G 
    6-5, 209 | SI RANK: 32
    Analysis: The Grizzlies' offense continues to be their Achilles heel, which is why Adams makes sense at No. 22. He has the size to play alongside Mike Conley and gives them someone to groom as their shooting guard for the future. Courtney Lee was a solid addition last season, but he's more of a stopgap than long-term option. MORE...

  • 23
    Duke | SOPH. | G/F 
    6-8, 208 | SI RANK: 18
    Analysis: What a draft for the Jazz. After snagging Exum at No. 5, the Jazz get great value with Hood at No. 23. The former Blue Devil is one of the best shooters in the draft and has the size and athleticism to be a starter in the NBA. Utah now has a bright, promising nucleus in Trey Burke, Exum, Hood, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. MORE...

  • 24
    6-1, 175 | SI RANK: 26
    TRADE: Hornets reportedly trading No. 24 pick (Shabazz Napier) to the Heat for picks No. 26 (P.J. Hairston), 55 (Semaj Christon) and a future second-rounder.
    Analysis: After watching Napier win an NCAA title, LeBron James remarked on Twitter that he couldn't imagine there being a better point guard in the draft than Shabazz. Pat Riley went out and got LeBron his man, adding the two-time NCAA champion to the Heat. MORE...

  • 25
    SWITZERLAND | Age: 20 | F 
    6-11, 211 | SI RANK: 24
    Analysis: The Rockets are likely selecting Capela to keep him overseas for at least another year and preserve some cap space. Capela is a promising shotblocker with great size and athleticism. At just 20 years old, though, he's plenty raw and far away from contributing to an NBA team. That's no problem for the Rockets, who are hunting superstars, not NBA-ready prospects. MORE...

  • 26
    26P.J. Hairston
    D-League/UNC | F 
    6-5, 229 | SI RANK: 22
    TRADE: Hornets reportedly trading No. 24 pick (Shabazz Napier) to the Heat for picks No. 26, 55 and a future second-rounder.
    Analysis: Hairston becomes the first player to go from D-League to the first round of the NBA draft. The 6-5 shooting guard is a tremendous shooter and likely would have gone higher had he not been kicked off North Carolina for off-court issues. He's one of the most polished scorers in the draft, which gives him obvious appeal to the Hornets, who were 1-2 offensive players away from being a major force in the East. Hairston is a perfect fit. MORE...

  • 27
    Serbia | Age: 21 | G 
    6-6, 200 | SI RANK: 40
    Analysis: Bogdanovic's name started popping up in more and more mock drafts leading up to Thursday. He's a combo guard that could contribute immediately to the Suns next season -- if he comes to the NBA. He's a dynamic offensive player and has great size for a guard.​ MORE...

  • 28
    28C.J. Wilcox
    Washington | Sr. | G 
    6-5, 195 | SI RANK: 28
    Analysis: The perfect heir to Jamal Crawford's throne, C.J. Wilcox is as pure of a scorer as they come. He's ready to contribute right away -- a key characteristic for the Clippers at No. 28 -- and should provide an offensive spark off the bench if he's given minutes. The Clippers could have used some size here -- but they must have fallen in love with Wilcox's jumper. Can't blame them. MORE...

  • 29
    STANFORD | SR. | F 
    6-7, 230| SI RANK: N/A
    Analysis: Huestis was expected to go in the second round (if at all), but the Thunder, in need of wing help, reached for the defensive specialist. Huestis could be the successor to Thabo Sefolosha in Oklahoma City. MORE...

  • 30
    UCLA | SOPH. | F/G 
    6-8, 230| SI RANK: 27
    Analysis: It's only fitting that one of the best passers in the draft goes to a team that just won an NBA title thanks to its ability to share the rock. Anderson is a multi-talented point-forward who gives Gregg Popovich yet another weapon at his disposal. The rich keep getting richer. MORE...

    Second round

  • 31
    FRANCE | Age: 19 | F 
    6-9, 240 | SI RANK: 41

  • 32
    K.J. McDaniels
    6-6, 196 | SI RANK: 20

  • 33
    6-6, 215 | SI RANK: 49

  • 34
    6-7, 209 | SI RANK: 21

  • 35
    TENNESSEE | JR. | F 
    6-8, 263 | SI RANK: 35
    TRADE: Jazz send No. 35 pick (Jarnell Stokes) to Grizzlies for future second-round pick.

  • 36
    4JOHNNY O'Bryant
    LSU | Junior | F 
    6-8, 256 | SI RANK: 48

  • 37
    4DeAndre daniels
    6-8, 196 | SI RANK: N/A

  • 38
    6-6, 205 | SI RANK: N/A

  • 39
    6-8, 214 | SI RANK: 23

  • 40
    6-7, 211 | SI RANK: 29

  • 41
    SERBIA | Age: 19 | C 
    6-11, 253 | SI RANK: 50

  • 42
    6-3, 198 | SI RANK: 33

  • 43
    CAPE VERDE | Age: 22 | C
    -3, 265 | SI RANK: 37

  • 44
    OKLA. St. | SENIOR | G 
    6-3, 184 | SI RANK: N/A
    Trade: Timberwolves trade No. 44 pick (Markel Brown) to Nets for cash.

  • 45
    6-11, 234 | SI RANK: 46

  • 46
    6-5, 186 | SI RANK: 30
    Trade: The Wizards traded the No. 46 pick (Jordan Clarkson) to the Lakers for cash. 

  • 47
    6-1, 165 | SI RANK: 44
    Trade: 76ers reportedly trading No. 47 pick (Russ Smith) to Pelicans for Pierre Jackson.

  • 48
    4Lamar Patterson
    6-5, 226 | SI RANK: N/A
    Trade: Bucks trade No. 48 pick (Lamar Patterson) to Hawks for future second-round pick.

  • 49
    6-8, 252 | SI RANK: N/A

  • 50
    Wisconsin-GB | SENIOR | C 
    7-1, 231 | SI RANK: N/A

  • 51
    D-league | Age: 21 | G 
    6-6, 205 | SI RANK: 45

  • 52
    SERBIA | AGE: 20 | G 
    6-5, 188 | SI RANK: 39

  • 53
    ITALY | AGE: 20 | G/F 
    6-6, 200 | SI RANK: N/A

  • 54
    SERBIA | AGE: 21 | G/F 
    6-8, 193 | SI RANK: N/A

  • 55
    4Semaj Christon
    XAVIER | SOPH. | G 
    6-3, 186 | SI RANK: 38
    Trade: Hornets reportedly trading No. 24 pick (Shabazz Napier) to the Heat for picks No. 26 (P.J. Hairston), 55 (Semaj Christon) and a future second-rounder.

  • 56
    IOWA | SENIOR | G 
    6-6, 192 | SI RANK: N/A
    Trade: No. 56 pick send to Magic in Arron Afflalo trade.

  • 57
    FRANCE | Age: 22 | F 
    6-10, 200 | SI RANK: N/A
    Trade: Pacers trade No. 57 pick to Knicks.

  • 58
    6-5, 179 | SI RANK: N/A
    Trade: Spurs trade No. 58 pick (Jordan McRae) to 76ers. 

  • 59
    6-3, 187 | SI RANK: N/A
    Trade: Raptors reportedly ship No. 59 pick (Xavier Thames) to Nets.

  • 60
    6-9, 218 | SI RANK: 47
    Trade: Spurs reportedly ship No. 60 pick (Cory Jefferson) to Nets.

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