Leah Still to be discharged from hospital Tuesday

Leah Still to be discharged on Tuesday

Devon Still tweets that his 5-year-old daughter Leah Still to be discharged from hospital, cancer free, on Tuesday.

Leah Still will be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, as her cancer treatment is now complete, her father and NFL player Devon Still tweeted Monday.

“It’s crazy to sit here in the hospital know that after leah gets discharged tomorrow we are really done with this chapter in our lives,” Still wrote.

Leah was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma in June 2014 and was given a 50–50 chance to survive.

“She really beat cancer!” Still continued. “Beyond thankful for all the support y’all showed us.”

Leah underwent tests at the end of July, which confirmed her cancer was still in remission.

• LeBron James sends Leah Still motivational message on Instagram

She was awarded her own Wheaties Cereal box in August, just one month after she was honored at the ESPY’s.

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