Melky Cabrera jacks mammoth homer, obliterates car windshield

Photo: CJ Fogler

Melky Cabrera shattered more than just the sound barrier when he launched a mammoth blast at Fenway Park Monday night. He destroyed the windshield of an innocent and unfortunately located Honda crossover vehicle.

The blast that cleared the Green Monster was estimated at 410 feet. If 2014 Melky Cabrera can launch a homer that far into a seemingly safe car, one has to assume vehicles as far away as I-90 could have been at risk of being hit by 2012 Melky Cabrera.

The home run was Cabrera's second of the night, but it was hard to tell to whom he did more damage: Red Sox or the owner of the car. The Blue Jays padded their lead in the AL wildcard race by beating the Red Sox 14-1.

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- Will Green

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