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Tired of not seeing Derrick Rose play games? Now, YOU can play with him, in the Derrick Rose Operation Board Game!

By The Cauldron
October 01, 2015
Are you like most NBA fans and sick and tired of not being able to see Derrick Rose play? 

Well, now you can play with Derrick Rose, thanks to the new Derrick Rose Operation Board Game! 

The Derrick Rose Operation Board Game features every D-Rose injury you can think off—from torn ACL to sprained toe to broken orbital bone—and probably some you've forgotten, too! (There’s been a lot. It’s hard to keep track.)

The Cauldron
The uncomfortable truths about the star-crossed Derrick Rose

Unlike the classic game of Operation, the Derrick Rose edition is not made out of plastic, cardboard and metal. Why? Because all of those materials are too sturdy for Derrick Rose and we wanted to give an authentic gameplay experience! 

All you need to do to play is print out a copy of the game board above. That’s right, the Derrick Rose Operation Board Game is paper thin, just like Rose’s real body! 

“But how do I play Operation on a piece of paper?” you ask.

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Fair question. The answer is this: like the Bulls and Rose’s future free agency, we haven’t really thought that far ahead. Why? Because every time we print out one of these games, Derrick immediately suffers a brand new injury and we have to redesign the whole game board. 

Derrick Rose Operation Board Game: a lot more fun than Derrick Rose’s basketball career! 

Available on your printer, the finest retailers and in the waiting rooms of most Chicagoland medical facilities. 

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