We rounded up a list of our 20 favorite faceplants, botched celebrations and otherwise embarrassing moments of 2014.

By Lindsay Applebaum
December 29, 2014

Enough of this business celebrating the top moments in sports this year, because we all know what really moves the needle: good old-fashioned schadenfreude. We rounded up a list of our 20 favorite faceplants, botched celebrations and otherwise embarrassing moments of 2014.


Stephen Tulloch parties too hard

The Lions defensive end injured his ACL in a game against the Packers after celebrating a sack on Aaron Rodgers.

So does Lamarr Houston

The Bears linebacker tore his ACL while celebrating a sack on Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo in the closing minutes of a 28-point loss.

Nick Young celebrates a miss

The Lakers forward forgot to make sure the ball actually made it into the hoop. It did not.

Water is confusing

Phil Kessel really needs a straw.

LeBron forgets how to dribble


Is this the worst flop of the year?

Lance Stephenson's elaborate acting performance ends with a nap.

OR maybe it's this one
Wait, no, this  is DEFINITELY the worst flop of the year
Brian Gionta spits on himself

And then realizes he's on live TV.

Kaelin Clay drops the ball


Mike Cammalleri takes the ice with no blades
(Via @MyKBO)
Korean baseball player slides on face
SB Nation
Tony Parker forgets how to shoot a free throw
Flying bat attacks
Caroline Wozniacki gets hair caught in racket


Germany's free-kick fail
Amar'e Stoudemire swats at thin air
Alex Rios drops fly ball on Leonys Martin's head
Rory McIlroy's drive lands in spectator's pocket
Anthem singer falls, keeps singing like a pro

Mark Donnelly is our hero.

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